Bishop Ronald A. Frazier


Bishop Ronald A. Frazier is the pastor and founder of Christ Church, Way of the Cross Inc. in  Cheverly, Maryland. He was called to the ministry on June 7, 1974, at the age of 15. He received a Bachelors of Religious Education from Valley Forge Christian College, a Masters in Religious Education from the International Seminary, and a Ph.D. and Doctorate in Ministry from Logos Graduate School.

Bishop Frazier’s style has always been intensely his own. From the pulpit, his preaching fervor blazes most frequently on subjects of restoration, reconciliation and healing. His sermons are dense with poetic commentary, startling insights, and contemporary applications of the Bible’s timeless message. To the audience, his words are punctuated by passionate praise, worship and spontaneous dancing.

Dr. Frazier’s appeal and message transcends barriers that commonly divide people. One of his most endearing qualities is his rare ability to relate to both men and women. His willingness to squarely confront issues often considered “off-limits” has brought welcome news to many that the Gospel can be relevant to their lives.

Another rare distinction is that his charismatic leadership and teaching ability is equally received by non-charismatic Christians. Dr. Frazier’s non-judgmental attitude is key to his success in helping outcasts assimilate into society. His compassion extends to the homeless, those imprisoned, and drug addicts.

Dr. Frazier has been featured on BET in connection with his affiliation with the Great Dads Program. He is the former Principal of Holy Temple Christian Academy, former Dean of the Apostolic Christian College, and former Church Administrator for the Way of the Cross Church.  Former General Secretary for the Way of the Cross Church of Christ International. He is an educator  for the Prince George’s County Public Schools.

Dr. Frazier is married to Allison Scott-Frazier, and they have four beautiful daughters, Jasmine, Janel, Joy, and JorDonna, and one son in law Justin Charles.