Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

 At Christ Church, we are...
Winning The World For Christ! 

We are living in exciting times.  The world is our pulpit and we are glad to reach out and share the good news of Jesus Christ with you!

Esther was assigned to the Kingdom for her time and God has placed us in his body for this Time.  You are in the place God wants you to be.  It is a divine assignment.  Seize the moment and shine for God!

The Christ Church family stands here ready to serve you and help you get to the next level in God.  You are invited to attend a family-centered ministry that cares about you.  We are a ministry that preaches, teaches and believes the uncompromised Word of God.

If you are looking for a church that is friendly, with lively worship and is Biblically sound, then Christ Church is for you.  You will enjoy the illustrated sermons that are preached, full of practical truths that you can start using right away.  Plus, you will be able to understand God's principles that will bring massive changes in your marriage, family, personal, and professional life.

Experience our Ministries: Mighty Men of Valor, Women of Excellence, Youth Ministry, Prayer Ministry, Music Ministry, Praise & Worship Ministry, Christian Education, Community Outreach, Prison Ministry, Communications Ministry, Broadcast Ministry and the Audio/Video Ministry.

As a family of believers, Christ Church is called to help each of our members experience ongoing growth in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to "grow up" together as a corporate body into the image of Christ. We will present a visible demonstration of the love of God: first to one another and then to our neighbors, our community and the world.

Peace and Blessings,
Christ Church